Good times

My blog is typically a place where I write to share my feelings, and a lot of times those feelings are intense because many times I write when I am under stress. Writing helps me cope and share and be real, which I think is important.

But I also wanted to take time to share many of the positive and wonderful things about my life, because there are plenty of those, too.

So here are some good and happy things that have happened in the past few weeks. Enjoy!

Got to have a friend’s date night at The Mill in Abilene


Had a Galentine’s Day partyNo automatic alt text available.

Bought a new dress



Celebrated Valentine’s day with flowers, Abuelo’s and a homecooked dinner from Dean


Spent an afternoon at the zoo with Calvin


Enjoyed spending time getting to know my coworkers at daily coffee break


Finished 2 big grad school projects


Visited Phoenix to celebrate my Dad’s 60th birthday


Played Harry Potter Clue


Received a note in the mail from a friend



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