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One great thing about blogging is you get to connect and support other bloggers, so today I wanted to encourage you to read and follow my friend, Erin Davis, who has started a new blog connecting motherhood and mental health.


Erin is a long time friend that I first met here in Abilene. She has always been a person I could be completely honest with and she has reciprocated that towards me in our friendship. She was my go-to person when looking for parenting advice after Calvin was born, she came over during one of my highest stress times as a new mother to just sit with me and offer encouragement.

She is also our favorite photographer and has captured many important moments for us!

Images taken by Erin Davis Photography


Erin has her degree in Marriage and Family Therapy and currently offers counseling here in Abilene. She has two sweet kiddos and does an amazing job trying to balance the tasks of motherhood and work and self-care! She has combined all this experience, honesty, and expertise wonderfully in her blog!

Here’s the link to her newest blog post, ” 6 Tips for Easing the Mental Stresses of New Motherhood”:

blog pic.jpg


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