Things I Never Would Have Done…

Today marks Dean and my 9th wedding anniversary – happy June 5th everyone!


9 years of marriage is weird – maybe because it’s so close to 10 years, which seems like a long time. Or to rephrase, it seems like the amount of time people older than me would be married, except here I am… older than I feel. 

When we got married, I remember trying to imagine what it would be like to spend the rest of my life with this man. What would things be like 5 years down the road? 10 years? 50 years?

I can tell you that so far, it has brought a lot of things that I would never have guessed or imagined. I am not the same person I was 9 years ago, and neither is Dean. And together, we are helping change each other into different people. Mostly (I think) for the better!

I started thinking about things I never would have done or tried if I hadn’t married Dean and have compiled a short list below. I am grateful for the experiences we have had together – for the new things Dean has encouraged (and sometimes prodded) me to try. Dean has helped me expand my perspectives and even enjoy things I never would have thought to do so on my own. 

Just for Fun  

I love being married to someone who loves having fun and isn’t “too cool” to do something with me! Here are some of our fun adventures:

  • The “Thing” – so this one time we drove my car all the way from Phoenix to Arkansas and we kept seeing billboard after billboard for the “Thing”… so we decided to stop in and see it. As expected, it was WAY overhyped and pretty lame, but we have some great memories and pictures.
  • 25th Anniversary showing of “Hook” – Dean knows I love the movie Hook, and so for my 29th birthday he took me to Austin to see it in the theater. They even had a few of the actors there to talk about the movie afterwards including Rufio (so cool!)

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