“sometimes when you’re tired, you have big feelings”

If you have not yet had the privilege of watching “Word Party” on Netflix, let me take a moment to explain the gist of the show:

There are 4 babies (that happen to be different baby animals) who hang out together, and you as the viewer are a “big kid” who helps them answer questions as they go about their day. It’s a very repetitive show and each episode they learn a few new words… thus the basis for the title: Word Party.

Isn’t it funny how sometimes you’re watching a little kid’s show, and they say something that is actually kind of profound?

This happened to me a while back. In episode 9, Lulu (the panda) decides not to take her nap, which then leads her to be not so nice to the other babies later in the day. They finally realize that her lack of sleep has made it harder for her to manage her emotions and feelings, which is when the statement: “sometimes when you’re tired, you have big feelings” was announced by the narrator.

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